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What we do

Autism Talent Spectrum is a nonprofit dedicated to bridging the gap between employers and job seekers on the autism spectrum. We are out on a mission to prove that autism is a competitive advantage versus a dissability.

Finding a job can be hard for people with autism spectrum disorder. Autism Talent Spectrum aims to connect adults on the spectrum with small businesses and other organizations in the Tampa Bay area.

For Companies

Get access to an untapped market of hardworking employees.

For Jobseekers

Gain access to a network of companies and organizations, and guidance through the interview process.

Job Matching

There are many different forms of autism and, like everyone else, no two people with autism are exactly the same. Autism Talent Spectrum makes an effort to match job seekers to jobs that match their talents and personalities.

Community Events

Autism Talent Spectrum was formed to provide services that help the community. Events such as job fairs and workshops are a good way to bring people together and make connections.

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Reach out to us if you might benefit from the services we provide, or just to say hi!